It’s simple.  The rules of the road are:

Go fast.

Don’t pay attention to speed limits.

Push yourself.

Be a bit reckless.

Free yourself to make mistakes; it’s how we learn.

Make Life Better.

That’s what this website is about.  It’s not about baseball.  Unless you love baseball.  Then, it is, because whatever enhances your life is exactly what you need to be focusing on.

We have so many elements that are integral to life, and we can enhance and improve life by focusing on them… friends, family, spirituality, money, food, community, etc.

In the road trip of life there are many twists and turns.  Sometimes the road ahead is foggy.  Sometimes it’s clear and you can see for miles.  Sometimes you have to go slow and sometimes you just go really fast.

Sometimes you need caffeine and stimulants because you’ve been driving all night.  This is especially true if you’re trying to start your own business, for example, or if you have projects

That’s where I’m coming from; I’ve decided to be my own boss and own my life instead of having to go to a job that isn’t guaranteed for the rest of my years.  I want to build assets.  And in so doing, I have to burn the candle at both ends, so to speak.  I work on my day job, then I work on my life… every aspect if possible, but the one I’m concentrating fully on right now is the entrepreneur part of my life.

See, I want to be an Internet marketer.  I also want to be a boss.  I’ve joined a community of great people who have been teaching me a lot.  So while I’ll repeat those lessons here, I’ll be focusing on every aspect of our lives as humans and telling you how I’m navigating the roads of life.  I hope it’s insightful and that it helps you even in some small way.

So sit tight, buckle up, make sure you’ve got a heavy foot and let’s roll!

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