As you journey through life you will discover things you only heard about and run across people that will help you on your journey. You will also see things that are terrible and come across people that will try to hinder you on your journey.

No matter what happens along your journey you must never forget where you came from. This is a saying that may not mean much to you now but as you travel along your journey you will begin to understand the values you learned while young will pay off in the future.

The people that help you get to the places you want to go are always valuable and most of them do not want anything in return but to help a person they love or grew up with. Most people that help you just want the best for you and that is more than enough to just say thank you.

Your history and where you come from is what makes you, you. Whether you are a good person or bad most likely it is because of the environment you grew up in and the people you were surrounded by. With this in mind you must always remember this place because it defines who you are.

When you have relationships and they don’t work or you have experiences that don’t go your way, how you handle those situations are a direct response to how you grew up and how you handled or saw people handle similar situations.

When people have failed relationships or experiences and they seek counseling often the counselor wants to get to know the person and the experiences they have been through. These past experiences shape the person you are today and tells a lot about your character and how you will deal with people in the present and future.

Your mindset is often developed around the experiences you’ve had in the past and how you handle them determines the type of person you are. The success you have with business, relationships, friends, and family are a direct relationship of your past experiences and where you came from defines this part of your life.

Success is a state of mind and to some having a job in a plant where you earn $20 an hour and have a family of 3 with a good wife is a life of success. While to others this is struggling and some people would not be happy with that situation.

It is all a matter of perspective, because if you came from a poor area or a third world country and achieved these things then to that person that is true success. Whereas if you came from a upper middle class family this can be considered failure.

You need to based your level of success on the basic things in life and are you able to provide these for yourself and your family (if you have one). The basics are food, shelter, and clothing. If you are able to provide these things then you have achieved a level of success because worldwide you are better off than most.

So whenever you get down on yourself about something not going your way remember there is always someone out there worse than you are and you should appreciate all that you have and remember where you came from.

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