My family has helped me in more ways than one throughout the years.  Hasn’t yours?

According to one of my favorite authors, Stuart Wilde, families are brought together to learn karmic lessons.  This is because in a family unit, it’s easier to learn.  It provides us a safe place in which to learn.  And moreover, there are years — eons, really — of accumulated karmic energy; we’re in a family unit to work it all out.

Growing up, I know that if I didn’t have the loving support of my family, not just my parents, but my brothers and sister, I wouldn’t a) be having nearly as much fun, and b) be the person I am today.

For all of you who don’t have siblings, don’t fret because you can’t relate.  That just means, in a karmic sense, that you’re working out exactly what you need to work out.

There are two kinds of helping someone, as I see it, in a family.

One, direct helping, where you’re helping someone through problems directly by talking with them, working out your problems, or getting them help.

For instance, I’ve helped one of my brothers through drug problems.  I talked with him, went to meetings with him, suggested books for him, empathized with him, went to therapy with him, and so much more.

Two, indirect helping, where you’re helping someone simply by being present and being yourself… not forcing yourself to fit what they are or what they want.

It was my insistence and persistence and presence that helped him through this mess years ago, as much as my actual doing of things to try and help.

On the level of money, the family unit doesn’t owe each other anything because of their spiritual bond.  If you want to visit your mom and you can’t because you owe her a couple thousand dollars, wouldn’t that be a shame?  Of course.

But of course, not everyone has these karmic thoughts and insights like Stuart Wilde.  But I guess that’s why I read new people: to get their point of view, to understand, and hopefully to learn something new about myself and the world.

That kinds of makes sense to me, that family members don’t owe each other anything, because I’ve seen my parents bail out me and all of my siblings out of various situations throughout the years.

That’s not to say that he likes doing.  He doesn’t.  He’d rather that his children not get them into the situations where he has to bail them out.  But, as time is the great healer, he eventually forgets… often in a matter of a couple of weeks.  Of course, he still wants to be repaid financially… for what sort of lessons would anyone be learning if we were all just bailed out all the time.

Right?  If you could do anything and always get bailed out, how dangerous would that be to your sense of self-responsibility, self-accomplishment, and ambition for success?  It’s likely to destroy it!

You probably wouldn’t have anything to work toward.  Until, of course, the dullness and despair of relying on someone (your parents), takes you over and finally launch yourself into a new kind of life, a new kind of mindset.

With mindset comes action, because sitting on your chair thinking about the house, the car, the family you want, isn’t going to make them appear.  Only action, the great equalizer on the planet, will enable the things you want to appear in your life, or move toward you.

So that’s what we’ll talk about in the next post.  Action to get the money to buy you things, namely freedom… freedom to learn, freedom to give to your family unit, freedom to live the kind of life you would normally only dream about.

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