When you “think right toward people” something amazing happens: the world becomes a beautiful place.  Compare this, of course, to thinking wrong toward people.

Be Kind

This is a lesson I recently learned in the book The Magic of Thinking Big.

There are two basic ways you can think about people: Positively and Negatively.  The positive one empowers people and it empowers you.  The negative, of course, does the opposite.

Any thought will bring more of the same to it.  They breed similar of their own.

How do you find yourself behaving around people?  The real trick to knowing how you are doing is how your thoughts are when things don’t go your way.  Do you turn negative or do you continue thinking positively?

One of the ways to keep yourself habitually thinking positively about people (and the world in general) is by realizing that no one on the planet is perfect.  No one is perfectly good or perfectly bad.

So you have to allow other people their habits, their individuality, their dress, etc.  Just because someone doesn’t do the same stuff as you doesn’t mean that they need to be judged for it.  And judged by whom?  Who are we to cast a negative eye on people?  And where does that really come from, if we do?  Some supreme perfect state

As we drive through this road trip of life, we are going to meet other drivers.  Everyone is on his/her own ride.  As long as they’re not being dangerous toward us, we should treat them with as much respect as we would treat ourselves.

And even find reasons to like them?  Say you’re in business.  You want to find out all you can about their needs, but also, go above and beyond and find reasons to like that person you’re talking to.  Liking that person will make them in turn like you more and people who genuinely, really like each other get along better.

You can know all the technical sides of what you sell, and know all the ins and outs of your business.  But what will make you unstoppable in sales is liking the other person; being his/her friend.  Call on them as friends, not as potential clients/customers.

Treat customers like they are guests in your home and your success is guaranteed.  Think first-class thoughts about people and you’ll receive first-class results.

Another thing you can do which invites positive results is being liberal with your listening in any conversation.  If you’re doing all the talking you’re not showing interest to your client, customer or employee.  People love to talk about themselves, and when you let them, they’ll open up to you.  This allows you to find things to like about them, too, as mentioned above.

The average person wants to talk about himself more than anything else.  So let him!

Thinking positive thoughts allows you to be likable.  And being likable allows you to be lifted up by others.  No one achieves success without the support of others.  No one.

Practice courtesy all the time, not just when you think of it.  Program courtesy into your human system.

Seek to build friendships with people instead of waiting for people to come to you.

Accept that everyone has limitations, and don’t try to reform them to fit into your small ideals.

When things go bad, keep thinking right and don’t blame anybody, but take responsibility for yourself.

Practicing these things makes the ride through life not only much easier, but more pleasant and beneficial.

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