Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re going for a long, fun ride through life.

I want to introduce you to this blog’s mission.

Our mission: to live the best life possible.

We want to travel life’s journeys safely but we want to be thrilled, too.  Isn’t that the point of life?  To have a great time?  To be the best we can be.

In life there are unexpected detours.  There are potholes and bumpy roads. There are other drivers, other people on the same roads but headed to different destinations.

Sometimes we all meet at a movie theatre or at an election or a sporting event.  We share in each other’s experiences.  By so sharing, we make them more real.

There’s also a lot of smooth sailing in life… areas where the gusts of wind don’t shake our vehicle terribly, and long easy stretches of road where you can just put your foot down on the gas and really GO.

Inevitably, though, we run into detours or construction, and we have to take an exit to refuel and refresh our vehicles and our minds.

It’s how you deal with these situations that make the journey so wonderful.

And also the sites we see along the way and the new experiences we have and the people we meet.  There’s so much to see in life, so much to do, so many places to visit, and we want to enrich our lives as much as possible.

So how do we do that?  How do we enrich?  We do the best we can with our family, friends, our money and our spirituality.  Doing this requires our mindset to be worked on, too.

That’s what we’ll discuss here.  So hang on to your hats, stick your head out the window, and get ready to go fast!  Because we’re here to improve our lives… FAST!

Bring your friends, family, pets, and leave all your negative thoughts in the ditch behind you.  We’re here to have fun.

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